Most Trusted Water Damage Repair in Austin TX

Your First Move

You need to get the name and number of an Austin water damage restoration company before this small flood turns into a big nightmare. You need a company that can respond immediately no matter the time of day or night. Don’t be lulled into waiting for a next day response you need help now, not “first thing in the morning.” This is who I call, ATEX Water Damage Restoration; they are available 24/7

My Experience

I manage what is called the “parade of homes” in a prestigious area of town, and recently two of our expensive homes were flooded and severely damaged. Now, it is a race against time to get the water removed and any traces of a flood completely erased before these model homes go on sale to our wealthiest of patrons. It can’t just be a surface cleanup either, every trace of water must be removed. Otherwise, bacteria, mold, and mildew could form, which would ruin the value of the home and could potentially negate and contractual obligation of a buyer. The main problem I had was how little time I had to get this done. There is only one week left before the big open houses, and if these units smell like mildew, it will be impossible to sell them.

Unfinished Development

The main reason why there was a flood in both of these homes boils down to the fact that this area is only partially developed for model home purposes which means the sewage system here is, well, non-existent. When heavy rains come through this area, the water has nowhere to go but to run off into vacant lots until it becomes a series of small lakes just looking to spill into a home. With no flash flood sewers to take away some of that surface water, you can imagine that it doesn’t take long for a lot of damage to be done.

My Experience

Removing Standing WaterSo, I called the standard companies we usually deal with, but they all had previous commitments or gave me the “first thing in the morning” response. Then I remembered the last time I had to call flood cleanup companies was when I was the manager of an association. It was my job to keep everyone’s townhome looking nice and cookie-cutter perfect. Back then we used a company called ATEX Water Damage Restoration because they dealt with flood and water damage cleanup with a precision better than any other group. Always professional, always courteous and always on time, our homeowners were ever so pleased with their level of service that ATEX Water Damage Restoration was often voted as the official flood and water damage cleanup company of the association. Whenever a natural disaster like a flood came along, we would call them before anyone else.

Professional Service

ATEX Water Damage Restoration’s procedures were always the same. They first come out and give you a completely free estimate on the damage done. They don’t quote you a price on this visit, but they do give you a general feel for what they need to do and an estimate of the cost. The techs that work for ATEX are the best in the business because of their training and long-term experience in all phases of water damage restoration. They have the top of the line equipment necessary to pump all of the standing water from any structure. When the job is done the produce a Xactimate report (the industry’s number one estimating solution for insurance repair) of the exact work done and the exact cost to present to your insurance …

Them Three Fingers


Pointing The Way

When I was a kid, my mom told me, you should never point the finger at someone because three fingers are pointing back at you. I bet your mom or a teacher or someone else told you that, too. Funny how this simple thing we learned as children is still so hard for us to remember as adults.

The Decline in Worship

I took part in a discussion recently about what factors had contributed to the decline in worship and Sunday school attendance over the last several decades. We got on quite a roll, citing trends in the economy, society, and technology. The changing roles of women, family mobility and the competition from entertainment options available on Sundays were all mentioned as probable culprits. After giving it a little more thought, I realized what we sometimes fail to consider is how we have contributed to the problem, either collectively as a church or as individuals.

Oops, There are Those Pesky Three Fingers.

I bet your mom or a teacher or someone else told you that, too. Funny how this simple thing we learned as children is still so hard for us to remember as adults. It’s so much easier to blame things beyond our control than it is to accept responsibility. So rather than speculate about what keeps others away, maybe I should begin by asking myself what brings me and how well I communicate that.

So What is It

When I was much younger, I could use the excuse that “my mother made me,” but not anymore. I was taught to be afraid of what might happen if I did not go, but I’m not coming out of fear anymore. At one time, I was concerned about what people might think of me if I did not come to church, but when so many folks are doing other things on Sunday, that social pressure just isn’t there today. And I’m not a lifelong Lutheran, so can’t really chalk it up to tradition.

The Hymns, Music or the Pastor?

Sometimes we sing one of my favorite hymns, and sometimes we have a praise band, but neither is a sure thing, so music is not a significant enough reason. The pastors I’ve had all brought their own unique sets of gifts to their ministries, so there isn’t any one person in the pulpit who can take credit for me being there, either. I have found worship outdoors with 30 to be as meaningful as with 300 in an auditorium; it “works” in a variety of settings.

We Have to Find the Answer

If it’s not family or fear or guilt or habit or the music or the preacher or the place that makes the difference between sleeping in and getting up on Sunday morning, then what is it? Finding the language to answer that question is a challenge, but if we can’t figure out how to say it, how can we tell anyone why they should join us there?…