Best Roofing Companies in Houston

Best Sustainable Roofing Practices in Houston TX

If you are thinking of a roof replacement for your home, why not do something for the environment as well? Sustainable roofing is a great way to upgrade your home, its value, and improve its fortifications while reducing your carbon footprint. However, much of a roof’s sustainability depends on how it is installed. Installing sustainable roofing materials without using the recommended best practices can make them ineligible for recycling or make it difficult for your roof to qualify for recycling programs. Energy efficient factors may also be compromised. So when roofing your Houston TX home, be sure you use the best roofing companies in Houston, the one who follows the best practices for sustainable roofing.

Check Your Roof Slope Before Choosing a Material.

The pitch and slope of your roof matter to sustainable roofing. Some roofing materials work best at a higher pitch while others provide optimal results at lower slopes. A Houston roofing contractor working with sustainable roofs will check the slope of your roof to determine which material – metal, asphalt, etc. – will work best on your roof.

Participates in Shingle Recycling or Does So When Asked.

Some parts of your roof, when discarded, end up paving roads. But they have to be processed and recycled first before they are useful   again. Not all roofers are members of recycling initiatives, but they can still participate if you request for a sustainable roof. Talk to your roofer about recycling the shingles and other roof materials before the start of the project. Take note though: Ask if they charge an extra fee for processing your discarded roof for recycling.

Sort Discarded Roofing Materials for Delivery to Recycling Facilities.

Discarded roof parts must be sorted before delivery to recycling facilities. The nails must be separated from the shingles, the wood beams from the under-layment, and so on. This way, the recyclables can be delivered to the facility and the non-recyclables to the landfill. Roofing your Houston TX home sustainability can be done with the right roofing contractor.