Fire Damage Restoration

Common Causes of Home Fires

Fires can be caused by a Candles, Cooking, Lightning, Kids playing with matches, and more. The many causes can result in a variety of smoke and or odor problems. Professional fire damage experts know exactly how to repair the smoke damage and neutralize the foul odors caused by a fire.

Fire Damage

Fire restoration needs will depend on the severity of the fire. If a small fire only burns for a couple of seconds, the damage will be minimal. However, if your property endures a significant fire, the losses will be more severe. If the fire requires the local fire department to get it under control, there will likely be significant water and smoke damage to the property.
Recovery from fire damage is no job for amateurs,  you will need professional help to bring your house back to being your home again.

Victims Of Fire Damage

House FireAfter suffering a fire homeowners are under tremendous emotional stress and first, they want to know when can I go home. Usually, that decision is made by the Fire Marshall who will determine if the property is structurally sound and is safe enough for entry. Next, they will have to decide if the property can be saved. Property owners will need the services of a water, fire, and smoke damage restoration service to help make that determination These experts will work with your insurance adjuster to assess the damage, determine an accurate scope of repairs, and furnish an estimate of the cost of restoration.

The Water Damage Must Be Dealt With ASAP

The water damage caused extinguishing the fire is the most time-sensitive damage to consider. It only takes about 72 hours for mold to take hold and add the need for costly mold remediation. There’s no time to wait; the task of removing any standing water and beginning the dry-out process needs to start right away. Professional water and smoke damage companies will have the necessary personnel and equipment to extract the water and completely dry-out the property. Moreover, even as one crew is removing the water another can start the process of cleaning and removing the smoke damage, soot and foul odors.